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August 31, 2016

7:00 PM Prayer Meeting

Thank you for visiting the website of Westminster Church. We are a member congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, a denomination of Bible-believing Presbyterians. The OPC is committed to the Reformed faith, sometimes known as Calvinism. We have a clear statement of what we believe the Bible teaches in our Westminster Confession of Faith.

We invite you to visit us for worship to learn more about our faith and life. We have both morning and evening services on the Lord's Day.

Our services focus on the reading and preaching of God's Word, the praise of His name in reverent Psalms and hymns, and prayers for the needs and concerns of the congregation. There is a simplicity and plainness to our worship services. Our desire is to worship God with reverence and awe in spirit and in truth. We emphasize Bible study so that we may believe and do what God requires of us. We hope to see you at worship soon!

Sincerely in Christ,
Pastor Mark R. Brown 

Westminster OPC Book Table

Pastor Brown's Top Ten Recommended Books

-a beautiful edition of the English classic
The New Canterbury KJV -
Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible - Dr. Joel Beeke, editor
-A large print black leather edition by Cambridge/T.B.S.
KJV Family Presentation Bible -
-Six volume commentary on the whole Bible ... the most popular commentary ever written.
Matthew Henry Classic Commentary -
- A new Banner edition
The Westminster Standards with proof texts -
- Biographical sketches of OPC ladies.
Choosing the Good Portion -
- The first biography of Dr. E.J. Young
To Live Is Christ -
- Reviewed and recommended by 30 pastors.
"You Must Read!" 30 of the Best Banner Books -
J.C. Ryle: A Biography - Iain Murray
- Practical Religion; Holiness; and Old Paths
A Trio of the best of J.C. Ryle -