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Meet Chad Mullinix and Family

(Rev. Mullinix is the candidate being recommended by the Pastoral Search Committee.)

“My sense of calling to gospel ministry developed over the course of a number of years.

The first I can recall sensing an inward pull in that direction was during my high school years. The Christian doctor that I worked for at the time asked me to accompany him on a mission trip to the Ukraine, and I was asked to give a message from the Bible to the congregation in the city of Cherkassy.

Mullinix Family

Chad with his wife Katie and their children Levi (4), and Eliza (2), Coletta (6)

This request felt daunting as a sixteen year old, but my dad who was both my pastor and my Greek instructor at the time encouraged me to prayerfully consider it. I ended up agreeing to the request, and my dad taught me how to exegete a passage from the original languages in preparation for a message.

Chad Working
While pursuing a major in Biblical studies during my college years, the Lord opened up a variety of other ministry-related opportunities that kept the inward call alive and well.

I had the privilege of serving as a daily devotion leader on campus, as the chaplain of my Greek society, as the coordinator of a weekly nursing home ministry and as the chaplain of my class for four years. These opportunities gave me frequent occasions to prepare and exhort the Word in a variety of contexts to both young and old alike.

By the time graduation from college rolled around, I was preparing to marry Katie and to think more carefully about next steps as the future provider for our family.

At this critical juncture, the session from the Presbyterian church where we were attending approached me and asked me to do a year-long internship with them with a view to then attending seminary for gospel ministry.

This was a wonderful year where as a newlywed I had the privilege of shadowing two wonderful ministers, leading the congregation’s youth on a mission trip to Belize, conducting their nursing home ministry, taking a seminary course and coming under care of the presbytery. This year in my early twenties proved to teach me something of God’s external call.

During the following years at WTS in Philadelphia and at my local church in the area, the Lord strengthened my internal and external sense of call to the ministry. With each new ministry opportunity and each step along the path towards ordination (coming under care, licensure, receiving a call from a church) my sense of calling has been more and more strengthened. Today my sense of calling as an ordained minister is, by God’s grace, alive and well.

There are a number of reasons that I am applying for the position at Westminster.

  1. One reason is that the Lord has brought further stability to the work here and has recently opened my heart to the possibility of ministering elsewhere.
  2. A related reason is that my wife and I had been praying for God’s direction in possibly relocating to my home state of Pennsylvania to continue in the ministry when I received your e-mail about the position in Hollidaysburg. This providential intersection of our prayers and your inquiry led us to inquire further.
  3. A third reason I am applying is because I believe we share an abiding commitment to the reformed faith contained in the Scriptures and summarized in our standards.
  4. Fourth, your focus on worship and worshiping together as families strikes a chord in my heart.
  5. Fifth, I have much appreciated your commitment to the work of worldwide outreach clearly demonstrated throughout the years.”

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2 Samuel 9:1-13

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The Recording of the April 19th Video Conference Q&A Session with Rev. Mullinix

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