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We meet weekly for worship on the Lord’s Day, the first day of the week.

As we begin “easing” back into in-person gatherings at the church, we want to care for the spiritual and physical needs of the congregation. To that end, we will observe the following measures to try to ensure the safety of the congregation. Some of the specific provisions and precautions of this plan are as follows:


  1. We will provide multiple in-person worship services for smaller groups and continue to provide a video recording of the service for anyone worshiping remotely.
  2. We will sanitize the worship space before each service.
  3. We will provide hand sanitizer stations throughout building.
  4. We will provide “all-inclusive” bulletins with all songs, confessions, etc. on pews in advance for worshipers.


  1. We encourage those who are sick and those at risk to continue worshiping remotely at this time.
  2. We will exercise social distancing between each family unit while on the church grounds and in the church building.
  3. We encourage the use of a mask.
  4. We will provide an offering box rather than passing an offering plate.
  5. We will wait to offer Sunday School classes or a staffed nursery until further notice.

What we need to know from you is if you would like to attend worship in person, and if so, how many from your family would like to attend. Please e-mail our secretary Deb Farber at with this important information only IF you want to attend.

After our secretary receives your request to attend, you can expect to receive an e-mail prior to that Sunday inviting you to a specific service time. Depending on the number of families who express interest in attending and the number of services we are able to hold, please understand that we may not all be able to attend each and every Sunday for a time.

Also, please know that it is our sincere desire to proceed with a charitable spirit towards one another and to respect each other’s consciences on whether or not to attend in person at this time.

A note about weather cancellations:

As we enter cold weather season, please note that in the event of a cancellation due to weather, the decision to cancel a service will by 9:00 p.m. the night before worship.

If there is a cancellation, we will post a message at the top our website’s home page, add a message on the church’s voicemail, and provide an announcement on the WTAJ website.

Our Order of Worship – our ‘liturgy’, as it is sometimes called – consists of the simple biblical elements of praise, prayer, reading & preaching of Scripture, and administration of the sacraments.

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